RE-ZONING CASE #Z-50-19 - 110/120 W. Northern Avenue


Dear Neighbors,

There is a very concerning re-zoning case that was recently filed with the City of Phoenix. An out-of-town developer and international investor are trying to change our residential R1-10 zoning (3 homes per acre) to a much higher density (14 homes per acre). We have defended our residential zoning for decades in North Central and this zoning case puts all our properties at risk.


1. The property owner of both parcels has bundled them together in order to attract development. We fully support reasonable and appropriate development, but due to their high asking price, a developer is suggesting he can ONLY do a high density project. Currently, both parcels are R1-10, which allows for 3 units per acre. This developer is asking to change the zoning to R2-PRD which allows up to 14 units per acre.

2. This zoning change would set a very dangerous precedent for ALL R1-10 properties. The builder has built this exact high density development in Goodyear, AZ and wants to replicate it in North Central. Nearly all properties in North Central are zoned R1-10, which is typical of the character and charm of our area.

3.The first mandated neighborhood meeting had with the surrounding neighbors resulted in very high opposition. Out of the 30+ people at the meeting, NO ONE supported this type of development.

4. Both lots represent 2.91 acres and the developer has suggested they may try and purchase the third lot to the west for a total of nearly 4.5 acres. With the zoning change that could mean an additional 63 homes where there is currently 3 houses.

5. Please be aware of the 9+ acres of vacant land across the street from 110/120 W. Northern. We must assume that any zoning change on these 2 possibly 3 lots could be shifted to the 9+ acres across the street. For those of us who drive Northern frequently, please imagine what additional traffic this would add to an already dangerous and congested intersection.

6. Though the builder is proposing less than the 14 homes per acre, the zoning designation stays with the land. If the parcels are flipped or redeveloped by someone else, they can maximize the use of the new zoning designation. Also with this zoning, after the 150’, the developer can build up to 48’ or 4 stories. It is our understanding that these lots exceed 200’ in depth.

7. To the east of these parcels are two higher density parcels that were re-zoned in 1965 and 1971, nearly 50 years ago. Higher density has always been encouraged to the west of 7th Avenue, not to the east near Central Ave. We have not had a zoning case in over 4 years with a developer trying to change the R1-10 zoning. As you may recall, an out-of-state developer wanted to convert 6 acres at Bethany Home/Central to high density apartments/commercial~~this was defeated by a strong and cohesive neighborhood effort.

Northern Residences - Proposed Multifamily Residences

Northern Residences - Proposed Multifamily Residences

We MUST PROTECT our current underlying zoning of R1-10

What can you do?

1. Please send an email or letter to Nick Klimek at the City of Phoenix to state your opposition. All emails and letters will become part of the City’s file and public record. Here is a sample email. Please feel free to draft your own comments. Please make sure to copy Councilwoman Debra Stark at

Nick Klimek, AICP
Village Planner : Estrella and North Mountain Villages
City of Phoenix Planning and Development Department
200 West Washington Street, 3rd Floor
Phoenix, Arizona 85003
Phone: 602-534-7696

Dear Mr. Klimek:

I am writing to express my strong opposition to the re-zoning case Z-50-19
North Central is known for its residential character and charm as well as its trees and shade. This City needs strong neighborhoods that offer residents the ability to live in a single-family home with a yard. There are many options currently available for high density development all over town. Please do not turn North Central into another ruined neighborhood where there is mixed zoning and high density development. Nearly all properties in North Central are zoned R1-10 and our community is a point of pride for this City. Re-zoning these R1-10 parcels to R2-PRD will set a very bad precedent for all R1-10 parcels in the future. We have seen a depreciation in property values when developments like this infiltrate strong R1-10 areas. Please protect North Central and deny this change in zoning.

2. We will notify you of the dates/times of the public meetings in the future to discuss this. We will need a strong turnout to successfully defeat this zoning case.

3. For more information on this re-zoning case, please visit

Zoning Update - 7019 N. Central Avenue, The William F. McElroy House

This is an update on the status of the proposed historical overlay to 7019 N. Central Avenue, the William F. McElroy home.

The William F. McElroy House circa 1936

The William F. McElroy House circa 1936

On August 21st, the Historic Preservation Commission voted to continue this case until October 21st. The Commission stated they needed more information from the scheduled demolition hearing scheduled for October 1st, before they could proceed with designation of the historic overlay.

As a result, all other scheduled meetings are due to be continued as well. On August 22nd, the Alhambra Village Planning Committee voted to continue this until October 22nd.

We expect both the future Planning Commission and City Council meetings will also continue this agenda item until after the Historic Preservation Commission renders their decision in late October.

We want to thank you for your letters of support to the historic overlay and opposition to the demolition of this rare American Colonial Revival that adds to the exceptional character of our North Central neighborhood .

Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend and we will continue to keep you apprised of future meeting dates.

For further information visit our website at or send us an email at

Thank you for your support!